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Tibio Retro Circles Pattern


From our classic range, the spiral design Tibio looks great in any home, traditional or modern.

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Product Description

Tibio in a Retro Circles Pattern

From our classic range, the Retro Circles design Tibio looks great in any home, traditional or modern.

Most of the air you heat in your home rises to the top of the room – away from where you want it, in-fact, in an average centrally heated room there can be as much as a 10ºC (or 18ºF) temperature gradient between the ceiling and the floor, a significant amount of heat that is being lost and costing money. That heat has been paid for but it’s in the wrong place where it cant keep you warm! Tibio is the answer to that wasted heat and energy.

Tibio quietly recirculates the expensive wasted heat that gathers at the top of each room and delivers it to where it is needed – back down to you at sofa level where you and your family will be sitting. By doing this, Tibio keeps you warmer and more comfortable in your home and saves you money!

As Tibio is re-circulating the heat that is normally wasted at the top of the room, you use less energy to heat the room and consequently save some money. The typical home can save almost £10.00 per month on their heating bills if they have one Tibio running in the main family room in the home.

Tibio comes ready to use out of the box, and is very very easy to install – just about anyone can install Tibio in a room in around two minutes. The installation does not need any drilling or screws and wont damage your walls and Tibio can easily be repositioned, again without causing any damage to your walls. It really is that simple and easy!

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Weight 500 g


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